Stephan Stansfield is a maker aspiring to build a safer, smarter, and happier world. Stephan currently works as a mechanical engineer at Jarvik Heart, Inc in New York City. He recently completed an engineering internship at Walt Disney World, in pursuit of his childhood dream of building animatronics, rides, and other cool entertainment technology. At the same time, he would like to make an impact outside of the walls of a theme park, and hopes someday to develop advanced robotic systems.

Current projects include bringing a character from his 2015 Disney Imaginations entry to life as an emoting, self-balancing two-wheeled animatronic figure; and creating a motion-activated trash can that responds with lights and sound when a shot is sunk.

Stephan graduated Cum Laude from Columbia University with a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering and a minor in biomedical engineering. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience & behavior from Wesleyan University, obtained through Wesleyan and Columbia’s dual-degree engineering program.

In addition to engineering, Stephan’s interests include performing improv comedy and making music. Stephan lives in Brooklyn with his two imaginary children and cocker spaniel (sadly, also imaginary). You can reach him at