Ever since elementary school, performing has been a big part of my life. As a shy, nerdy child, theatre gave me an outlet to express and challenge myself. I love the thrill of being onstage, the demands of uncovering a character’s personality and motivation, and the joy of sharing a story with an audience.

I joined an improv comedy troupe as a sophomore in high school, and haven’t stopped making up characters and stories onstage since. I have performed as a member of Columbia’s Fruit Paunch, Wesleyan’s New Teen Force, Derryfield Repertory Theatre’s No Fun Intended, and Peacock Player’s Technical Difficulties. Most recently, I performed in Sleepover at Kenny's, A Musical Improv Experience at the People's Improv Theater in New York.

I have found that the skills necessary to perform improv – acceptance, communication, teamwork, and storytelling – are just as useful when working on an engineering team or pitching a project.

I am always looking for opportunities to act or write. If you have a project you would like to work on together, hit me up!

Below, check out Dial-Up, a senior thesis film I acted in at Wesleyan University. There is some brief nudity and language, be forewarned! Otherwise, it is very sweet.